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An Eye in the Sky

You may have noticed that our latest Coming Soon Trailers have felt lighter than air!  We have been incorporating aerial cinematography into our films for years now, and soon after the new FAA laws were put into place, CinemaCake passed the test with flying colors.  We recently got our own “birds” named Amelia and Betty White and have started using the aerial footage to help tell the whole story of our couple’s wedding day.  The aerial footage we can now capture has become a real hit with our couples and it is rapidly becoming the most popular add-on to their CinemaCake Collections!  Here are our top three reasons to add aerial cinematography to your CinemaCake film!

1. Photo session fun!

Your photo session is a really fun time where you and your bridal party get to relax together before the full reception gets underway.  We often catch some of our best moments during the photo session and now we can get even more from the air!  Jeannie and David’s bridal party really knew how to have a good time and created a human love chain around the happy newlyweds.  Check out the fun and more beautiful aerial shots in their aerial-centric CinemaGram trailer!

2. Amazing shots of your wedding location

One of the first and biggest decisions you make about your wedding is where to have your celebration.  It’s a huge detail and will often set the style or mood for the rest of your wedding!  Our team captured the entirety of Olga and Tony’s wedding weekend, including some beautiful aerial shots of their venue, Crystal Springs Resort.  From the groom’s golf outing to the wedding day photo sunset, see if you can spy the aerial shots in their Coming Soon Trailer!

3. Make your day a movie!

CinemaCake films are already cinematic, but aerial cinematography will take your film to the next level!  Our drone can capture your wedding day from a new, unique perspective and help tell the whole story of your celebration, from the ground up.  Yasmina and John’s CinemaCake Recap felt like a fairy tale and the aerial shots added a little extra movie magic!

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