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A lifelong documentarian, Dave co-founded CinemaCake in 2001 and has since led the team to become the premier choice for couples and families worldwide.



Bringing her extensive background in management and customer service to the team, Sheryl is devoted to crafting exceptional film experiences that cater to clients’ ultimate desires.

The Cakers

Julia Pollak

Chief Operating Officer
As the overseer of pre and post-production processes, Julia creates CinemaCake’s standard operating procedures and manages the team.

Matt Peck

Cinematographer & Editor
Matt takes on the most complex projects, leading him to various destinations, such as London, Las Vegas, and his personal favorite, NYC.

Daniel Stinson

Production Manager
Daniel manages business projects and curates CinemaCake’s social media channels, while lending support in the post-production process.

Brad Kinckner

Gear & Data Manager/Cinematographer/Editor
Brad is primarily responsible for managing all gear and ensuring all data is safely archived for each of CinemaCake’s shoots.


Zeus is CinemaCake’s beloved shop dog and a great source of office joy.

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