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CinemaCake and our Beautiful Blogging Brides!

These days, a newly engaged bride can turn to the web for inspiration on any aspect of her wedding.  From the dress, to the decor, to her vows: many of our brides will go online for inspiration before they start working with a planner.  There are some great bridal sites out there, but nothing helps these engaged gals more than hearing directly from other blogging brides.  When you have a ton of options, it helps to hear a frank opinion from someone who has gone through the exact same thing. 

Recently, we learned that some of our brides have joined the “blogosphere” and are sharing their experiences about finding vendors and planning for their wedding online.  We were especially thrilled to hear when they wrote about their experience with CinemaCake Filmmakers!  Check out a couple of our bride’s blogs below:

-Stephanie Genuardi, blogger for Philadelphia Wedding

Stephanie reached out to us when she first began planning her wedding.  We had a great time talking with her about her plans and we cannot wait to be a part of her big day in September 2014!  Be sure to check her blog as she continues planning her beautiful wedding to her high school sweetheart, Dave! 

“Prior to even getting engaged, I stumbled upon CinemaCake filmmakers. After watching one of their films, my fiancé and I both knew immediately they were our number one priority when it came to our vendors. I am so happy with our decision, and look forward to the attention they provide to intricate details that would often go overlooked on such a whirlwind day!”

Donna and Guy, blogged about their wedding on Carats and Cake

We have had a few brides post about their wedding on Carats and Cake and we have seen some great responses!  Megan and Chris celebrated their wedding in January of 2013 and were thrilled when they received their ShortCake film!  Here is what they wrote:

“…We had such a great time with Dave and Matt that day.  I know our film is going to be the envy of our friends, as people up in Boston aren’t lucky enough to know CinemaCake.  Needless to say, we’ve watched it over and over and over again!  Can’t wait to see what’s on the raw footage.”

If you are a blogging bride, leave us a comment and tell us about it!

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