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CinemaCake Editors Contest

Since 2004, CinemaCake has found its talented editors through an editor’s contest. The idea was simple; allow prospective editors to download the same raw footage from one wedding, cut a short recap, and submit it for our review.  Most of our best editors were discovered through these contests!  You can read about the last contest and see the results HERE.

 This year, we’re growing again and we’re looking for talented editors to show us their stuff!  We love watching all the edits.  It amazes us – every time we do this – how many different ways there are to tell a story.

For more information and to enter our editor contest, visit our Employment Page and fill out the contact form.  Please send any questions about the contest to

Entries are due on April 25th, at which time the CinemaCake Team will get together and review all of the entries in our theater.  We will narrow it down to the top three and publicly show the top edits to the world.  Winners will also interview for editor positions at CinemaCake.  

Some of our editors got together to offer advice for your edit and you can see it all in our testimonial film here:

We are so excited with all of the interest we have received so far.  Stay tuned and good luck everyone!

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