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A Wedding Day to remember…

To the newly engaged couple:

Picture your ten year wedding anniversary.  Maybe you and your partner are living in a new home across the world or maybe you are both sitting on the same couch as you are right now.  Maybe you are surrounded by family or a couple of kids of your own or maybe you two are just enjoying each other’s company as you reminisce on the day you said “I Do.”  You are fondly talking about your wedding day, but the details are a little hazy.  What exactly did your maid of honor say in the toast?  What was that hilarious thing that your flower girl did during photo session?  Did you even see the decor you toiled over for weeks in the cocktail space?  Then you press play on your film and are immediately transported back to the day…

Like we discussed last week, your wedding day will breeze by and as the months and years go on, it will be hard to remember all the small details.  Having a film of your wedding day will bring you right back to the moment and will give you the chance to hear your vows again and see your guest’s reaction to your first dance.  By keeping the film a manageable length, usually around 20 minutes, our couples can go back and relive their day over and over again.  This also makes the film easy to share with others and something that your guests and people who enter your life in the future will want to enjoy!  Lauren and Philip totally understood the importance of having their film documented in this way and we were so thrilled to receive this review from they happy couple.  

“Prior to our wedding, the single comment most mentioned was how quickly our wedding day will pass. Given so many events and details happening around us that day, it was important to us that CinemaCake capture our wedding day in a way that not only Philip and I, but anyone who views the film, would be able to experience as though they were actually there. When Philip and I viewed the film, we were brought to tears. You have not only documented in film each moment that Philip and I personally experienced, but you somehow were able to bring to life the entire day and events as were experienced through the eyes of our family and friends. From the beautiful ceremony and speeches through the wonderful reception and every special moment in between, CinemaCake perfectly captured our wedding day. Philip and I are so grateful to have this film and the opportunity to forever relive our wedding day and to share with our family and friends.”

Your wedding film will become important not only to you and those closest to you, but to future generations as well! If you have your own children or nieces and nephews in the future, they will be interested and excited to relive these important moments with you. It will be great to show them what they’re family was like before they we’re alive and allow them to share these incredibly important memories with you. Jamie Apody and her husband Paul just celebrated their 6th anniversary and the sportscaster shared this sweet, personal post on her Facebook page to highlight the day.
“Because I’m sentimental today…6 years ago was a pretty special night. We showed our wedding video to the boys this week. Tanner is still upset and keeps asking why he wasn’t there! I told him he was there in our hearts”

As you experience more anniversaries and get further away from your wedding, your film will become an even more treasured heirloom.  It will start to hold new meaning for you as older relatives pass on, but are forever captured dancing and laughing in your film.  Years after we filmed the wedding of Michael McKenna’s daughter he reached out with a story so powerful, we had to have him tell it again on camera.  Have a tissue ready for his incredible testimonial.

Your wedding day is going to be incredible and one of the most important days of your entire life.  Be sure that you always have a way to look back and see just how amazing it was.  We wish you all the best with planning and hope to hear from you soon.

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