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Cole’s Bar Mitzvah Package

Cinematography by CinemaCake Filmmakers: Brendon Costello, Taylor Duscha, Mia Johnson, Jonathan Sutton, Matt Peck, Michael Richards, Steve Rudick, Abad Rosa, Dave Williams

Special thanks to AFR, The American College, Crystal Clear Studio, EBE, The Fuge, Gala Cloths, Jo Anderson Model & Talent, South Street Diner, Vie, Nancy Bauman, David Buckley, Elaine Igoe, Joey Heier, The Samschick Family, Sean Slippi-Mensah, Amelia Staber, Alexandra Sutton, David Wasserman

The Invitation went to all of the guests

The Mitrix introduced Cole into the party at Vie

The Main Line Mitzvah Boy debuted for guests