Award Winning Cinematic Films

Jen + Austin

“I watched the video and was I was filled with joyful tears. The video is amazing and so heartwarming-but it needs to have a warning that you should have a Kleenex box when watching! šŸ™‚

Thank you. I can’t imagine what the other videos are going to look like. You are so incredibly talented and captured the night perfectly. My friends and family who have watched so far also loved it and all cried with joy!”

– Gwen, Mother of the Bride

I couldnā€™t agree more with what my mom said! So, so, so beautiful and heartwarming. Thank you so much for capturing these moments and for creating this beautiful trailer. I am so excited for everything that is to come!”

– Jen

Recap: CinemaCake Filmmakers

Photography: Sarah DiCicco Photography

Music licensed through Musicbed