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What You Need to Know About Finley Catering’s Four Distinct Venues

Finley Catering, one of Philadelphia’s largest wedding vendors, is well known for their tasty eats and their four different venues. All four are prime locations to have a wedding, and in this article we’re sharing specifics on the different character and feel of each location:

The Crystal Tea Room is located just seconds away from the iconic City Hall location for brides and grooms to grab a memorable kiss pic. The soaring glass atrium is an indoor conservatory featuring a fountain and greenery providing a year round “outdoor atmosphere” with no threat of weather. We love the atrium’s natural light that shines down on cocktail hour’s guests! Guests can make their way into The Crystal Tea Room’s elegant ballroom space. The high-capacity ballroom can accomodate the largest of weddings. With hanging crystal chandeliers and classic decor, the Crystal Tea Room is great for a traditional feel. 

The Ballroom at the Ben You may know The Ballroom at the Ben for their scene in Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. The mezzanine level, which overlooks the palatial Ballroom (for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres) is the ideal place to chat with guests before heading downstairs to dance the night away on the floor. The Ballroom at the Ben is a great location for those with a large wedding party. 

Union Trust can be described as a blend of the old, regal Philadelphia infused with a new vibrant pulse. Union Trust is a great venue if you are looking for a piece of old-time Philadelphia history in your wedding day. It’s an embodiment of Philadelphia’s rich past, having once housed The Union Trust Company Bank (built in 1888). The large arched windows are a MUST for a few bridal party photos or a bridal portrait session. The architectural details are highly impressive and sure to wow your guests. Featuring a more intimate feel, The Union Trust is an elegant luxury venue for small to medium guest lists.

The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve
The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve is the newest of the Finley Catering locations. With classical Greek revival exterior in a green pastoral setting, the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve is located in Delaware County for a quiet, spacious location. It is the perfect venue to have an outdoor ceremony or cocktails, then have the reception indoors. The front staircase is an ideal spot for couples to have a sparkler sendoff with guests. For a relaxed feel and small-to-medium guest lists, the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve has all the space you need. Watch The Ballroom at Ellis-Preserve’s Sizzle Reel to experience this venue.

Watch these three Finley Catering venues come to life in the Sizzle Reel:

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