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Mail Bag: Mom’s Favorite Part Was The Outtakes

September 26, 2007

Dear Dave,

After speaking to your wife last week, I decided to write to tell you how pleased we are with the wedding video.  Had the decision to have a video been mine, it would never have happened.  I had no desire to have it for posterity.  It was very important to our Dave, the groom.  We figured it was a good project for him, along with picking the band.  He did all the research and decided to go with CinemaCake.  Just as he picked the band because he was impressed with its’ leader, Dave picked another Dave who impressed him, to do the video.  We’re so very glad he did!

I have seen the completed video several times now and I cry every time!  I can’t believe how much I would have forgotten!  Until I saw the video, I was certain I had not seen the cake cutting, but there I am!  However, my favorite part is the Outtakes!  As you remember, we had some unique challenges!  How many wedding videos have unintentional fire trucks! And the footage in the elevator is priceless.  The procession from the Sofitel to Davio’s and the bridal party walking through downtown were both events we had not seen and would not have seen if not for video.

The biggest compliment I can give is that you were invisible.  Yet you managed to be everywhere and capture everything.  To me, that is the sign of a highly skilled, talented videographer.  Not once were we aware of you doing your work!  You were so unobtrusive that I don’t think I would recognize you! 

As you can tell, I am a video convert.  I now know that my previous experiences with “wedding video” was based on less professional work.  I know several brides-to-be and will be recommending that they have video.  Not just any video, but CinemaCake.

Thanks so much for an incredible finished product and flawless work the day of the wedding.  We’ll recommend you to anyone who’ll listen.

Sallie Robinson

Planner: The Wedding Planner, Gina Sole – Philadelphia, PA

Photography: Cliff Mautner Photography – Cherry Hill, NJ

Venue/Catering: Davios – Philadelphia, PA

Entertainment: Eddie Bruce Entertainment (EBE) – Philadelphia, PA

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