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Making the Numbers Count…

To the newly engaged couple:

Congratulations on your engagement!  This is an exciting time for you and your fiancé as you enter a new stage in your relationship and prepare for an even bigger step forward!  Everything is new and romantic as you begin thinking about your wedding day…

…and right at the beginning of planning you have to start dealing with the least romantic thing there is- your wedding budget.  The facts and figures organized in your Google docs that will determine every aspect of your day becomes overwhelming very quickly.  It can be hard to figure out how much you should spend on any one specific aspect of your day.  You never imagined that your wedding would require nearly this much math!

When working on your budget, there are a lot of factors to take into account and having a film of the wedding day should absolutely be at the top of your list!  How else will you, and even future generations, be able to see and hear all of the elements that will make up your day?  Gabriela summed it up nicely in her review, below:

“After initially thinking we wouldn’t need a videographer, we booked CinemaCake on somewhat of a whim a few months before our wedding (miraculously, they were still available for a popular date!). It ended up being one of the best decisions we made for the day! They are certainly a bit pricey, but their work is a great example of getting what you pay for- every feature and coming soon trailer I’ve watched are touching and professional, and ours was no exception! As another vendor asked us, how much would you pay to see a video of your grandparents’ wedding? Great-grandparents’? We enthusiastically recommend CinemaCake to other couples looking to capture the aspects of their wedding that photography can’t do justice to.”

In the 15 years that CinemaCake has been in business, we have never once had a couple tell us they regret filming their wedding day. In fact, what we do hear is that they are so grateful they filmed their wedding and that it was absolutely the best money they spent on their wedding. If anything, we have couples tell us that they wish they had planned for it and worked it into their budget from the beginning. 
When Jamal found out about CinemaCake Filmmakers, he worked with his bride Marquita and did whatever was necessary to make sure his wedding was captured the right way.  Check out their story, below.

In more recent years, we find that couples make having a film of their day a priority and they find a way to make it work because they realize it’s just too important not to do it.  Planning and budgeting for your wedding day can get stressful, but if you focus on your priorities, you can make it work!  Nikoletta, one of our 2015 brides, has great advice for anyone planning their budget:

“I know that a lot of couples planning a wedding consider not hiring a videographer in an effort to save costs. If you are trying to decide whether or not to hire a videographer for budgetary reasons, I would suggest trying to save money elsewhere because you will regret not having a wedding video. It was some of the best money that we spent!”

So, when it’s time to put your budget together, just grab a glass of wine, take a deep breath, and think about how you want to remember your wedding day (definitely with a film!).  Next week, we’ll be talking about the importance of educating yourself as you begin hiring and booking your team for the day.  Be sure to check back in and until then, happy planning!

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