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An Introduction to Pre-Production

While filming is our pride and joy, another one of our favorite parts of being in this business is getting to know our clients before their wedding day. Every couple has their own unique, individual story which makes a difference in how our filmmakers approach producing their film. 

A large part of getting to know this part of the wedding involves a pre-production call between a filmmaker who will be on that job, and the clients. Every wedding is different and the pre-production call helps us find out what that something old, something borrowed, something new, and something blue is for each one. 

The discussion often covers details about the wedding such as specific shots that clients may want included, family politics filmmakers should be aware of, and those extra special attributes you don’t want missing from the film. 

A couple who shared these parts of their day with us were Julie and Andrew. In their pre-production call and questionnaire, they shared with us some noteworthy sentimentalities of their wedding day. Julie shared her close relationships with her sister and late grandmother. She incorporated them into her wedding wardrobe. She also donned her sister’s veil and her sister made her bouquet out of her grandmother’s collection of brooches. Her sister also designed and hand made the bridal party’s dresses. The couple also exchanged cards and gifts privately before the ceremony. 

Rick Stevens, one of the filmmakers who worked on this wedding, said: “Having spoken to Julie beforehand, I knew which shots were important to this couple. I filmed the card readings and the bouquet before the ceremony, which are in the trailer. I also made sure to get individual shots of the bridesmaids dresses with my macro and wide lenses. I had made it a point to get these shots early in the day so that there wouldn’t be any chance of missing them.”  

While these can seem like small details, they are part of what makes each of our wedding films a one of a kind film that our clients truly appreciate. Check out Julie and Andrew’s trailer below and make sure to notice those extra special parts of their day!

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