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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Pricing

Every CinemaCake Collection is completely customized. Here are some suggested starting points. We’d love to bake a proposal for you right away. Call 610-989-0158, text 610-633-6124, or email

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

  • Two cinematographers for up to 6 contiguous hours on-site
  • CinemaCake Film, Recap Film (3-5 minutes) and a longer Feature Film, crafted by our team of CinemaCake artists
  • Online, interactive delivery, allowing you to enjoy the feel of Blu-ray menus and eliminate the hassle of discs, drives, and other delivery methods. (Downloadable too!)


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Popular Toppings

Rehearsal Coverage

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When we can't film the actual service, we'll cover the photo shoot and rehearsal that usually happens a day or two before the party.


Daytime Service

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Havdala Service

Screen Shot 2023-12-04 at 9.46.31 AM


Coming Soon Trailer

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Coming Soon Trailers are delivered 7-10 days* after the event.

Addison's Coming Soon Trailer


Party Reveal

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See several Reveals


Aerial Cinema (Drone)

philadelphia skyline aerial cinema example image

Your team will include a certified pilot who will shoot establishing and speciality shots. CinemaCake offers two types of Aerial Cinema: Exterior Only and Exterior/Interior FPV. Epic!

Exterior 750

Exterior & Interior FPV 1500


well wishes screenshot

A manned "step-and-repeat" interview station can be set up at your venue so guests can contribute to your film. This can be done in many ways and locations.
WATCH Standalone 
WATCH Integrated

Starting at 1250 (Customized)



example image of a cinemabook being used

CinemaBooks must be held in your hands to appreciate them. Your entire collection, playable by simply opening the book and navigating with touch screen controls.  No technology skills are needed. It's a MUST HAVE for parents and grandparents. We'll design your fully customized picture wrap, shown here.  WATCH


1 / 300 ea

3 / 275 ea

5 / 250 ea

7 / 225 ea

10 / 200 ea


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Our Livestream Team can broadcast anything from a small, short ceremony all the way up to a multi-camera, multi-event production that includes dancing and speeches.  This allows guests anywhere in the world to attend virtually.


Premium Toppings



This is the perfect add-on for future-proofing your film.  All cameras record in 4k.  This means your film will look beautiful on any screen.