Award Winning Cinematic Films

My fiance and I were recently married september 15th at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia. Planning the wedding and selecting all of our vendors was not an easy task, but the one decision we made from the very beginning and never looked back on was choosing Cinemacake as our videographer. Our wedding video was one area we 100% did not want to compromise on. We knew a well made wedding video would play more like a film that could capture our wedding in ways photography simply could not and that we could watch and relive over and over again for the rest of our lives. We spent countless days researching every single videographer in the tri-state area; going through every single company website, looked at every review online from every wedding website, got recommendations from every vendor and the four seasons themselves…. All of our research led us back to Cinemacake and there really was no comparison- we were hooked and it turned out to be the best decision we made in all of our planning. These guys were unbelievable; everything we thought they were going to be and more and did not disappoint one bit. They are worth every single penny. Everyone at the wedding was going crazy at how amazing our same day edit turned out. “how the **** did they put that together so fast????!!!!” “that was absolutely amazing!!!!!” “OMG!!!!OMG!!!!!!”. Every time we get together with family or friends or whoever, everyone wants to watch the same day edit again because it just makes you feel so good every single time you see it. They really did a knockout job. Unbelievably professional. The number 1 question after the wedding from all of our friends and our parents friends is still “who wassss that videographer you guys had???” We can’t recommend them enough. See for yourself: