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Hi Sheryl and Dave,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for everyone’s hard work on this video!  Mark and I really appreciate all your help in making it a memorable video. The shots and editing came out amazing – a special thank you to Gary and Rick for their terrific work; the video is awesome! It truly captured the spirit of Armenian traditions, music, and love in the room. The footage of everyone dancing,the multiple shots of guests, music, and several camera angles used all enhanced the film! I know both Gary and Rick put a lot of effort into this and I’m very grateful to Rick for taking the time to meet with me and go through the footage and to Gary for editing exactly what we discussed and making it awesome. We’re VERY happy with the way it turned out and can’t wait to share it with all our friends and family!

We are all going to have a screening of the film tonight with all my family in Michigan and I can’t wait to show it to them! 

Thanks again,

Carly & Mark