Award Winning Cinematic Films

Hi Dave and Sheryl,

Thank you so much for hosting us for a little viewing party last night. We were so excited to show our parents that all we had for dinner was the cookie in our gift bag! We were thrilled with the results and were absolutely speechless with how amazing it was. But after watching it more than dozen times with our loved ones in one night, we’re now able to tell you exactly what we love about it:

Every. single. person. could not believe that you were actually present and were capturing the moments that were seen on the film. After the third and fourth viewing, people still commented that they couldn’t believe you were there at that particular moment because they just didn’t see you. For instance, I clearly remember being surprised with jewelry by Kenny’s mom before the ceremony and thinking to myself, “I wish Dave was here to capture this.” And you were!!! You and Jimmy blended in so seamlessly with the background that no moment felt staged. Everything was authentic.

I should have completely trusted you during our meetings prior to the wedding because everything you said was absolutely true. I really didn’t see any value filming us going table to table to greet our guests because I assumed it would be absolutely chaotic. But I LOVED that scene and how you incorporated it into the video. You also strongly pushed for us to capture the tea ceremony and I thought it was fine that we didn’t. I really regret that now because everything else was captured so beautifully that it would have been really nice to have that on video too.

We were blown away by the voice-overs. The words that were said during the film and how it tied to the imagery still lingers way after we turned off the TV for the night. It was perfect and we’re so glad you pushed for the interviews.

We adore how the film is centered on the words of the ceremony. It’s genius editing and we’re so grateful that you just knew that was the most important part of the day for us. We spent a lot of time thinking about what was important to us in the ceremony and you pulled those key ideas to center the film around without us even having to tell you.

There’s a million more reasons why we love our film but this email would go on forever. Our only regret was not having you join us for more of our day! Thank you so much for the time and effort that you put into our film. It was a pleasure to have you join us on our very special day and we hope to have you join us in more happy events. We can’t wait for the link to go live so that we can share it with our friends and family out of state!

Thank you again,
Janie and Kenny

PS. People were right – we did get more corgis! Meet our newest family member, Chip! We couldn’t stop laughing at how many times corgis were mentioned throughout the film. We love it.