Award Winning Cinematic Films

oh. my. God. All I can say is thank God I’m off for the next 3 days because i will be doing nothing but watching this video on repeat for 72 hours. (i might have to call in sick on thurs & friday bc i’m not sure 72 hours will be enough). Next to marrying Greg, having you guys as my videographers was probably the best decision i’ve made in life. I’ve brought my laptop with me in the bathroom while I was putting on my makeup, in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner & even plugged my headphones into my phone at the gym so i could watch it on the treadmill. Everyone i’ve shown the video to is insanely impressed. I knew you guys were fantastic but the video surpassed my expectations, you’re all so great at what you do. And it was really nice having such a fun, easy going film crew around that day. Tony’s cameo at the end? Amazing. Thank you all SO much! I would write more but I have to go back to rewatching the video….