Award Winning Cinematic Films

At the beginning stages of planning our wedding, our wedding coordinator recommended CinemCake because they had worked with them multiple times and always had great results. When I looked into hiring them, I realized that they had done wedding videos for some of my friends and they were so beautiful that I cried at every. single. one. Dave and Sheryl are so funny, nice, and professional and are an absolute pleasure to work with. We received our Coming Soon Trailer very shortly after our wedding, and we watched it over and over again. It was such a gift that Dave and Sheryl could let us relive our special day so soon after the wedding. WHen we received our full film, and it was as perfect as expected. After viewing the film, my dad wanted a full length version of the father-daughter dance (which we had not specified originally) and Dave and Sheryl were so kind and added all dances to our package after we received our final product. Thank you so much CinemaCake for everything you did for us, and if you are looking for the best videographer for your wedding, look no further than CinemaCake!