Award Winning Cinematic Films

I’ve been putting off writing this review because it’s hard to find words to describe quite how spectacular CinemaCake is. Here it is: I researched wedding filmmakers from Los Angeles to New York, so I knew before I started working with them that CinemaCake was one of the best in the business — but they surprised me at every turn with a ridiculously high level of personalized attention, a sincere passion for the work they do, and unmatched professionalism.

We met with Dave and Sheryl Williams at their PA home so they could show us their equipment, and a few of their recent wedding films. My husband was sold on the spot, primarily because of Dave’s visible passion for his life’s work — he is the Real Deal. We were lucky that they had our date available — but they book quickly.

All emails and questions were always responded to within 24 hours, and on the day of our wedding, Dave and his team were stress-free, stealthy, and perfect wedding guests. People told me after the wedding: “the videographers were like ghosts!” They were completely unobtrusive, blended in seamlessly, and got along beautifully with everyone they interacted with — other vendors, the Union League, the church, our families and friends…

And then, the product…. Dave wanted to skype us when we watched our short film for the first time so he could see our reactions. We were really touched that he cared that much about getting our reactions and talking to us for a while afterwards. The film was perfect beyond words, somehow capturing EVERYTHING that was personally meaningful about our day while still being artistic, impeccably edited, fresh and original.

A lot wedding filmmakers are good — but there’s no other word for it, CinemaCake is MAGICAL. People who don’t even know us (random friends of our friends, and friends of our parents) cry when they see our film and feel compelled to write emails gushing about how awesome they think it is.

I can’t say enough how much the work they do is WELL WORTH the cost. Once you see their films and work with them, you’ll realize that they offer far more quality than other videographers.

Don’t waste your time researching other videographers!! These guys are the best of the best.

I could keep writing, but you should just watch our video to see how good they really are!!!