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Letter received after receiving the Trailer:

Thank you guys so much for everything. The trailer is amazing! We are in Italy on our honeymoon right now and we were elated when we got the email with our trailer. We are not surprised at how amazing this video turned out, we knew you would do a beautiful job! We can’t stop watching it and can’t wait to see the full movie! It was so great getting to see these moments from the wedding so soon after, especially since the wedding day felt like such a blur. Thank you again, you guys are awesome! This clip really took us back to our wedding day–emotions and all. 

Letter received after receiving their Film:

After watching CinemaCake’s videos on their website, we knew we had to hire them. The videographers and editors at CinemaCake are so talented. We had three videographers with us on our wedding day (we had a large wedding) and not only were they super friendly and easy to work with, but you could barely even tell they were there. We received a “Coming Soon Trailer” and “Shortcake” film from them and we could not have been happier with how they turned out. They beautifully told our story and helped us to relive our wedding day. They are so unique in how they tell each couple’s story and they really try hard to work with you to make sure they edit your video in a way that feels like “you”. We constantly get comments from our friends and family on how much they love our video!

I know that a lot of couples planning a wedding consider not hiring a videographer in an effort to save costs. If you are trying to decide whether or not to hire a videographer for budgetary reasons, I would suggest trying to save money elsewhere because you will regret not having a wedding video. It was some of the best money that we spent!