Award Winning Cinematic Films

Jimmy, Jordan and Michael-

I don’t know where to begin. The video you guys put together was simply PERFECT! Not only was the quality beyond imagination, the creativity, flexibility, attention to detail and expertise you applied to our project from the very beginning was remarkable. I can’t even begin to relay to you all, all of the compliments we are getting about the whole experience, your video being a very important part of it. If I think back to filming, you made the day so enjoyable and fun. Bob tells everyone that I think they had a different bit in mind for me when they got there but Jimmy soon sensed that something related to golf would be more meaningful and impactful. So, on the spot, we totally changed Bob’s bit to be a golf thing (and it came out PERFECT!). You were able to make use of every part of our house which made it even more special. Then, Jordan, went to our venue to test out the pre-produced part on the big screen in advance himself, so there would be no surprises. Jordan and Jimmy both came to the service and captured the entire essence of the service in several 5 second clips that when added to the pre-produced part was AWESOME. Not to mention, they captured the most exciting parts of the party—and weaved them in to the story/song at just the right times. You even got Eli coming down the steps and Justin’s famous dance!!! I was blown away. But the highlight for me, was Bob, at the Temple, wiping away his tear—shear brilliance! The look on everyone’s face at the party, as they finally realized that the crowd scene was THEM (and not stock footage) and to see them connect the dots about why the heck they were chanting “T.I.M.N” at the beginning of the night, was priceless! And lest I not forget Micheal—Michael, the foundation of the entire thing was the song you wrote and your gentle, yet deliberate, way of working with Julia to get her to sing it just how you envisioned. The words were brilliant and perfect for our family!!! I have sent the link to the video out to everyone and posted it on YouTube—the hits are growing quickly!!! And Jimmy, the montage was beautiful, and touching and really , really came out great! Thanks for putting your heart and soul into it!

I have copies of Julia’s CD for you all…where the anchor song, the last song, is T.I.M.N.!! It sounds so awesome!

So, thank you again, all of you. It was truly a memorable experience and it exceeded all of my expectations. I have copied in some of the emails/texts I have gotten so you can see the response I received.

I hope to see you all soon and hope you get some business out of this!!

Much Love and Appreciation-

Bob and Sharon Voelzke
And of course, Julia!


“It was unbelievable. I have told so many people about the video so far. Now they can see what I’m talking about. The wow factor of the moment when they played it was amazing”

“ outdid yourself! That video was amazing. How did you do that?”

“The video was was the slideshow and the CD”.

“That was amazing Sharon!! How did you do that?? We were in it!”

“The video was off the hook—seriously—the coolest thing I have ever seen.”

“You should sell that to Beat Street—it is such an amazing showcase of their place!”

“People have not stopped talking about your Video and Montage…was amazing!”

And many more….