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A Season of Coming Soon Trailers…

Since the beginning of May, our team has accomplished some pretty amazing things!  We have filmed a total of 27 weddings and more than half of our couples have ordered and received their Coming Soon Trailers!  Our brides can’t get enough of the cinematic sneak-peeks, which we deliver within just a few days of their wedding celebration.  We can’t fit all of the amazing Coming Soon Trailers into one blog post, so here are just a few of the first films of the season!

Stephanie and Jonathan’s Coming Soon Trailer:

We met Stephanie when we filmed her sister’s wedding last year, and we could’t wait to create a beautiful CinemaCake film for her big day as well!  Stephanie and Jonathan held their wedding at The Reeds, in Stone Harbor, and we delivered their Coming Soon Trailer just a few days later.  Here is Stephanie’s response:  “It’s amazing!!!! We just watched it 3 times in a row!”

Kristina and Bobby’s Coming Soon Trailer:

Kristina and Bobby celebrated their wedding in May at the Union League of Philadelphia. This day held a special meaning to our team because we had worked closely with this couple on other projects before we arrived to film their wedding. For the past two years, we have created films for the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, which is the non-profit organization Bobby’s family created in honor of his sister. We were thrilled to be a part of their wedding day and hear that both Kristina and Bobby loved their Coming Soon Trailer!  

Stefanie and Larry’s Coming Soon Trailer:

When we first met Stefanie and Larry, we knew right away that they had an incredible love story (check out their Love Story film in our post: We also knew their wedding day would be a beautiful celebration as they brought their two families together and we couldn’t wait to give them a glimpse of their final film. We shared the Coming Soon Trailer and here was the happy couple’s response:  

“This trailer is INCREDIBLE! We absolutely love it!!!! The day and night of the wedding flew by so fast (as we knew it would), and now more than anything we’re so excited and thankful that we’ll have our CinemaCake films to remind us of everything that happened and to bring us right back to that wonderful day—almost as if we were there again—for so many years to come. Between your amazing work on the Love Story and this trailer, you guys are gonna have your work cut out for you to try to top what you’ve done so far with the final film…..But don’t worry, we have faith in you! 

Thank you!!!

Your friends,

Larry and Stef” 

Caitlin and David’s Coming Soon Trailer:

Caitlin and David celebrated their wedding over Memorial Day Weekend and we sent them their Coming Soon Trailer the following week. They had such a beautiful day and we wanted to make sure we included as many perfect moments as possible, so we were thrilled when we received their response:

“Dave! We LOVE the trailer!! It is perfect!!!


Jennifer and Greg’s Coming Soon Trailer:

Jennifer and Greg celebrated their wedding in May and their day featured a great cast of characters, from Tony the Cat to the University of Delaware’s mascot, the famous Blue Hen! Even with all the excitement, this couple really shined on their wedding day and our crew had a great time working with them and the rest of their amazing team! They received their trailer within days of the wedding, and this was their response: 

“Sheryl & Dave, thank you guys so much! we love it. We’ve been in Hawaii & just got back yesterday- what a pleasant surprise! Sooo well done. Thank you guys so so much! I have to say, I really really enjoyed the videographers, they were a lot of fun to be around, very nice guys. Thanks again guys!” 

Be sure to check back for our next set of Coming Soon Trailers soon!

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