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SlowMoCinema Slow Motion Photo Booth in Philadelphia

It started as a viral video and is quickly becoming the hottest thing to have at your event!  The SlowMoCinema Booth ( ) is a fun and unique way to see your guests enjoy your party.  CinemaCake is leading the way with this new reception must-have and you can check out our SlowMoCinema Film below!

Before your guests enter the SlowMoCinema booth, they can select props to amp up their performances.  Once inside, they are directed by our crew, and can do anything from blowing bubbles, to showing off their signature dance moves, to even covering their friends in silly string!  By shooting with a special high-speed camera, we can capture more frames per second than a standard camera ever could.  That means that we can slow down the footage a great deal without missing a single hilarious moment of your guests performances.  The best part of the booth is that we can have your film ready to watch that night!  If you add a Same Day Editor, we can have all of the hilarious footage ready to be viewed by the end of your reception. 

Pricing for our SlowMoCinema Booth can be found on our Investment Page or give us a call.  We can’t wait to bring the party to your reception with the SlowMoCinema Booth!

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