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The Benefits of Filming Your Rehearsal Dinner or Welcome Party

Here at CinemaCake, we have the privilege of filming all the important moments leading up to the wedding day. From engagements to Love Stories, to the actual ceremony itself, every moment has a unique feel and character to add to your CinemaCake Collection. But out of all these moments, we believe that the rehearsal dinner is one of the most important moments to capture, and yet one of the most overlooked moments of your wedding weekend.

You may not even consider the rehearsal dinner as something you’d want to capture for your wedding film, as it takes place on a separate day, and tends to be more informal and close-knit. Believe it or not, these are precisely the reasons it should be filmed. The excitement in the room is something hard to replicate, and the once-in-a-lifetime speeches delivered by friends and family are filled with both tears and laughter. Viewing these speeches later on video allows you to re-experience the good vibes of the night, as well as notice things you may have missed the first time.

Adding footage from the rehearsal dinner can greatly enhance your wedding film by emphasizing the love and warmth of your closest friends and family. There’s no better way to kick off your collection of memories on screen than by showing you and your loved ones together, feeling the nerves and excitement for the big day ahead. We all know the wedding day is very bride-centric, so adding rehearsal coverage balances out the wedding weekend by bringing in both sides of the family.

Here’s some lovely words from our couples who had CinemaCake include the Rehearsal Dinner in their collection:

“Great experience! There was no drop off between the rehearsal dinner and wedding day, and it seems like a great amount of footage was captured, without your staff being in the way, which is ideal!”

– Alexandra and Jeffrey

“We had the best experience we could have asked for from your team. They were professional, friendly, courteous, and became a part of our celebration. Having someone film the welcome party was essential and the team member who came that evening knew exactly what to do without hesitation. It was lovely working with a team who did not need direction from us, because we had no idea what would be best for the video!!”

– Maria and KC

Filming your Rehearsal Dinner is a beautiful way to extend the payoff of all the hard work you and your planning team put into creating a memorable weekend. With CinemaCake, you can make sure this evening is available to experience again and again for years to come. Check our available dates HERE.

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