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The Three Essential Lighting Techniques You Shouldn’t Skimp Out On

Whether you’re a prospective bride, groom, or family member, organizing a wedding can be a daunting task, and making sure it looks just right comes down to lighting. At CinemaCake, we are dedicated to delivering stunning visuals for your wedding film, and have the knowledge to share a few tips that will help you out in just a quick read. 

In order to maximize the visual impact of your wedding day, it’s imperative that your lighting designers make the most of these three types of lighting:

Dance Floor Wash: Illuminating Magical Moments

When it comes to capturing the enchanting moments of your reception, lighting the dance floor is priceless. A first dance, for example, should highlight only the newlyweds so they feel like the only two people in the room. Speeches, on the other hand, are set in a more dim lighting that allows the guests to feel more relaxed. Great lighting also transforms the dance floor from a well-worn common area into a distinguished, exclusive stage. Opt for LED-based lighting fixtures, which will cast a mesmerizing wash of light onto the dance floor. This technique can transform the entire mood of the room.

Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography

Pin Spots: Guiding Your Gaze to Elegance

To add an extra touch of elegance to your wedding, incorporate pin spot lights. These small, versatile table lights can change colors and positions throughout the evening, providing a wow factor that can’t be achieved otherwise. Pin spots serve as visual guides, effortlessly drawing the eye to your exquisite decor and details that deserve to shine. Lighting professionals can take care of this, working with your caterer and decorator to discreetly enhance your decor, and adding a glow that can capture anyone’s attention.

Photographer: Sarah DiCicco

Uplighting: Elevating the Venue’s Ambiance

Uplighting is a transformative technique that involves strategically placing lights around the perimeter of your venue and pointing them upwards, creating pillars of light. This technique not only adds a dramatic flair to your wedding reception but also draws the eyes upwards. With some changes to the colors of the lights, you can also change the look and feel of the space at minimum cost. With the dimension and depth of skillfully positioned uplights, your venue is enveloped in a captivating glow that leaves a lasting impression.

Photographer: Sarah DiCicco

By considering these essential lighting techniques, you can ensure that your wedding day is not only flawlessly captured on film, but makes a huge difference in guest perception, crowd control, and makes your decor pop. These three lighting changes go a long way, resulting in a breathtaking visual representation of your dreams turned into reality.

Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography

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