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Why a First Look is Advantageous on Your Wedding Day

As wedding filmmakers, we’ve witnessed firsthand the benefits of a first look for our brides and grooms. Your wedding day can be hectic, crazy, and maybe even stressful at times, so having a moment of peace and clarity can help you relax and focus on your love for each other. We’ve seen nervous grooms become visibly calmer once they see their future spouse.

There are several reasons why having a first look will improve not only your wedding film, but your entire day, and create a truly irreplaceable memory.

  • Kickstart your wedding photos. A first look is a natural way to start your wedding photography session. By meeting in one spot, you can save time and avoid missing out on your cocktail hour.
  • It can calm your nerves. You’ve likely spent every day with your spouse-to-be leading up to the wedding day, so why deprive each other of your favorite person? Seeing each other for a brief respite before walking down the aisle is a proven way for you to lose some anxiety and gain excitement without taking away from the epic moment of walking down the aisle!
  • Your reactions will be unique and unrepeatable. The first time you see each other on your wedding day is an irreplaceable moment that you’ll want to cherish forever. CinemaCake captures all audio and video from your first look and incorporates it into your film, allowing you to relive it for years to come.

We pride ourselves in capturing these precious moments in the most authentic way possible, and strive to tell your story in a luxurious and meaningful way.

Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at some of our favorite first look moments from past weddings below!

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