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Staying Unseen while Capturing Everything…

Hi Everyone,

One of the things we pride ourselves on while filming a wedding is our ability to remain unseen.  The crew tries their best to blend in with the crowd and capture moments throughout the day that happen organically.  We have become so good at this over the years that clients sometimes wonder if we managed to capture everything! When they get a chance to see their final film, however, they are often amazed by how many moments we were able to film!  Everyone was reminded of that this week when we received an email from Wendy, the mother of the bride at one of our recent weddings.  She wrote:

“I just wanted to let you know that it looked like your guys did a terrific job.  Most times I even forgot they were there.”

Wendy soon got the chance to see just how much of the day we captured when she received the link to her daughter, Lauren, and new husband, Dixon’s, coming soon trailer.  After watching the film, she wrote us again and said:

“I have now watched the video about 12 times and each time I love it more!  It all went by so fast that it’s so much fun to sit and watch even a small video about the day.  Thanks again- when will I stop crying when I see it?!”

Not only did Wendy contact us to tell us how much she loved the trailer, but we heard from Lauren and Dixon too!  In the middle of their honeymoon they sent us this email to not only tell us how much they liked their film’s trailer, but also to reiterate how great it was to have filmmakers for their big day.  Our happy couple wrote:

“ [We] are on our honeymoon and it was such a nice treat to get the coming soon trailer on Sunday! We were at the beach when we got the email and raced up to our room to watch it. We LOVE it! Your team did such a great job.  It so nice to be able to have a video to look back on the day since it flew by so unbelievably fast. We can’t wait to see the full film! Thanks again!”

Check out the trailer to Lauren and Dixon’s wedding film below!

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