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Mural, Mural on the Wall…

The CinemaCake team is stacked with some pretty talented people! Check out one of the latest artistic ventures that we just wrapped up at our studio!

Sampling 1,000 Films; A Piece of Cake

Timeless Videography

In 2007 CinemaCake president, Dave Williams, sat down with Philly Magazine to talk about some of his experiences from behind the lens. CinemaCake is still using a lot of the same strategies that were mentioned in the interview eight years later. Check out the blog post to read about the

The First Look

The first look at the bride is one of the most iconic wedding moments. Check out the blog to read about the beautiful first look moment from a wedding that brought everyone to tears (happy tears of course).

From Prom to Pomme

We filmed Stefanie and Larry’s wedding a little over a year ago, and their wedding was just as beautiful as their love story. Check out the post to read more about both!

Drones in Filmmaking

Dave was recently featured in an article about the new use of drones in various professional fields. Check out our blog post to learn about how the filmmaking industry is constantly evolving as new technology comes our way.

Dave’s Daylight Savings

If you enjoy Behind-the-Scenes, check out this post about one of Dave’s simplest tools that helps him get natural looking light.

Staying Unseen while Capturing Everything…

One of the things we pride ourselves on while filming a wedding is our ability to remain unseen. The crew tries their best to blend in with the crowd and capture moments throughout the day that happen organically.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Cinematographer #7

One of the best parts of wedding and event filmmaking is the ability to show prospective clients what they will be getting.

St. Thomas Wedding Video and St. John Wedding Video, Behind the Scenes

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