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The First Look

The first look at the bride is one of the most iconic wedding moments. Whether it is before the ceremony or walking down the aisle, tears are no stranger to that joyful moment. 

While brides are typically the ones who everyone expects to be overcome with tears of joy, on occasion grooms will also get emotional when seeing the bride for the first time. The Huffington Post recently featured a collection of pictures of grooms when they saw their brides for the first time in a blog post. The still images freeze the special moment in time, but imagine how much the love shows when the special moment is caught on film. 

An example from one of our own CinemaCake couples would be Caitlin and Michael’s wedding. The groom and the father of the bride let a few tears fall when Caitlin walked down the aisle. Even Caitlin’s brother couldn’t help but cry, and he described the special moment in a voiceover of the clip, which added even more sentimentality to the scene. 

These moments are short but the memories last a lifetime. Make sure you have a box of tissues ready and watch the clip!

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