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A Wedding that was Stronger than the Storm

When we first talked with Heather about her wedding, she was so excited about having her perfect day and marrying her then-fiancé, Dave.  She, like many of our brides, had been planning her wedding since she was a little girl and had her venue picked out before she was engaged!  Everything was set for a truly beautiful ceremony at One Atlantic on the New Jersey shore.  10 days before Heather’s wedding, Hurricane Sandy touched down, causing major devastation up and down the East Coast.

While most couples would have been worried about how their wedding day would be altered, Heather and Dave focused more on those suffering around them.  In her pre-wedding questionnaire, Heather wrote the following: “We were so scared about AC being wiped out.  Our area was so fortunate and our heart is still breaking for those who lost so much in the storm so close to us.”  Luckily, their wedding day went off without a hitch and the newlyweds made a contribution to the Red Cross for hurricane relief on behalf of all of their guests. 

Even with all of the problems the storm presented, Heather and Dave still had their perfect celebration and enjoyed their beautiful Same Day Film at the end of the evening.  Check out their film below:

Today, Heather and Dave are celebrating their one year wedding anniversary!  Congratulations from the crew at CinemaCake Filmmakers and we wish this amazing couple all the best in the years to come!

Cinematography: Dave Williams and John M. White of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Editor: Jonathan Sutton
Music Licensed through
Venue: One Atlantic
Photography: Kay English Photography
Entertainment: Dynamic Crew

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