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A Wedding that was Stronger than the Storm

Everything was set for Heather and Dave’s wedding at One Atlantic on the New Jersey shore. 10 days before the ceremony, Hurricane Sandy touched down and caused major devastation up and down the East Coast. Read about their wedding and how they stayed stronger than the storm!

How do Brides and Grooms react to Same Day Films?

Often we get questions about making a film that has the high, emotional impact our clients have come to expect, but that is more cost effective. We recommend a Same Day Film.

Same Day Films are a Hit with Budget-Conscious Brides

It was not until a month or so before our wedding that I finally convinced my husband to agree to a wedding filmmaker. Our budget was stretched to the max and he felt this was an optional vendor. Had we gone with a different company, we would not feel as

Summer of Same Day Films

To celebrate our decade of Same Day Films, we will share some of our recent favorites over the coming days, starting with Kristy and Christopher’s Same Day Film, complete with a pre-produced back story. This is what the guests all watched at the reception on a huge 12 foot screen.

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