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Summer of Same Day Films

When we did our first “Same Day Edit” (now referred to as a Same Day Film) 10 years ago, technology was different and we were more limited on what we could do.  Screens were still 4×3 aspect ratio, HD was still a dream, and we had to capture media from tape in real time.  Same Day Films have come a long way, baby!

This year we have been hired to produce more Same Day Films than ever before.  Why?  Here is what our clients tell us:

1 Tunnel Vision  A limited view during the ceremony is common for most guests.  But there is so much more.  They never see some of the most emotional moments that unfold during the day, from the bride’s preparations, to the reactions of the parents in the front row during the ceremony.

2 Back Story  Through the use of voiceovers and other story-telling techniques, the back story adds a level of emotion that simply cannot be achieved with music alone.  Sometimes clients hire us to pre-produce the backstory and use that as a base to build on the day of the wedding.

3 Sharing Online  Friends and family around the world can now enjoy the highlights of the day within hours of them happening.  This means people who cannot travel to the wedding can still enjoy the best moments almost as they occur.

What makes a CinemaCake Same Day Film so special is that we take the time to include the ambient sounds and voices from the day.  It takes more time and is more stressful for the editor, but it adds so much more.

To celebrate our decade of Same Day Films, we will share some of our recent favorites over the coming days, starting with Kristy and Christopher’s Same Day Film, complete with a pre-produced back story.  This is what the guests all watched at the reception on a huge 12 foot screen.

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